#NoDadBod training

#NoDadBod Sample Home Workout (Lean and Ripped

Warm-up: (Go at your own pace)
100 Jumping Jacks or 100 Jumping Rope
25 Shoulder Circles
10 Hip Circles per Leg
10 Fire Hydrants per Leg
50 Body weight Squats
50 Push-ups
Repeat 5 Rounds
60 seconds of body weight or dumbbell squats (Focus on strict form first and speed second. If form is compromised, take a breather).
60 seconds of jump squats or dumbbell jump squat shrugs
60 seconds of 3 second isometric push-ups (isometric hold at bottom of push-up with chest 1 inch off ground)
90 second plank on elbows or elbows extended
30 seconds of burpees and 20 seconds of mountain climbers as active recovery.

Rest between 30-60 seconds and repeat!

#NoDadBod Arms of Steel (Sample Workout)
Warm-up: (Go at your own pace)
5 minute Jumping Rope
3 sets of 8-10 reps: Barbell Curls (Bar Only)
1 set of 50 reps of Diamond Push-ups
#NoDadBod Arms of Steel Workout
8-12 reps of Barbell Curls (45lbs and up)
 – Full range of motion and don’t use momentum to curl bar; isolate biceps and use strict form.
30 second Isometric Bicep Curl w/90 degree bend at elbows.
8-12 reps of Close-grip Tricep Bench Press w/3 second isometric hold (weight will be 1 inch above your chest). Rest 30-60 seconds and repeat. Repeat #NoDadBod Arms of Steel Routine 6 times (not including warm-up).

#NoDadBod Smart Nutrition Program (Breakfast)

 – Nutrition Made Simple. Results Life Changing.
#NoDadBod Breakfast:
2 egg whites (you can also add 1 egg yolk)
3oz of turkey breast
2 tbsp. salsa
2 scoops of protein (50g or more) with 6oz of unsweetened vanilla almond milk or low-carb milk. Add 2 cupped handfuls of fruit if desired.